Soul encased in diamonds

My mission is to turn your dreams and memories into custom pieces of art. With power of gold and diamonds I create something more than just a jewellery – luxurious uniquness of your life and heart.
Goldsmithing is my passion, which my father passed on to me. Some say I was born near a goldsmith’s table. When I was 6 years old, while my peers spent time playing, I have aready been training by helping my father in the workshop and then my Masters. 
I’m a second-generation goldsmith. This art is our family’s heritage, so I’m combining the given art of craftsmanship with a modern outlook, possibilities and technologies. Such combination is not to be found anywhere else in the world.
I begun most of my studies at the age of 14 when I started my apprenticeship. I trained mostly with my father and other Masters. Starting with simple rings and small repairs, I discovered more and more the secrets of the old school. I learned the secrets of craftsmanship, and this knowledge bears fruit to this day. After years of hard studying, I passed my apprenticeship exam and started working for our family’s firm.
Simultaneously I started learning how to frame stones, I learned new technologies and ways of creating jewelry. In addition, I took various courses on diamonds and colored natural stones.As you may have noticed, goldsmithing has accompanied me from an early age, and the fascination with the industry is constantly growing.
I have devoted my life so far to this profession and adapted my character built by martial arts to being a craftsman and an artist. With my creativity and passion for work I gained recognition in the eyes of hundreds of clients. My dream is to become the greatest goldsmith in the history of Poland. Although there are no contests or tournaments for that title, I feel that one day I will be able to call myself the best of the best. I will become a master the memory of whom will last for generations.
 My motivation is my clients and the world of goldsmithing that I’m surrounded with. When accepting every order, I focus only on the customers and their needs.
The moment of the engagement for every woman and man is extremely important and memorable. Every look at the ring can bring back the memory of that extraordinary moment and subsequently me as the creator. It’s my way of overcoming time and building my own brick in your history.
Let me write on the pages of your life story as well.


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+48 698 856 555
Misjonarzy Oblatów MN 4
40-129 Katowice, Poland